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Grants for Cosmetology School

As the world grows more and more connected, new opportunities are popping up in industries that many people once thought of as tight and inaccessible. From entertainment to media, technology to journalism, new opportunities are appearing where they once didn’t exist. It’s equally true in region-based positions, many of which have moved online into the cloud, or even into different countries.

Along with these ‘new professions,’ an older one is growing at a rapid pace – cosmetology. Whether you’re simply interested in makeup artistry and design, or passionate about hair, makeup, and design as a whole, cosmetology has become a reliable, well compensated, and interesting career option. It’s backed up, in fact, by a large network of colleges and cosmetology schools here and internationally.

While the vast majority of cosmetology schools exist outside of standard four-year colleges, they’re every bit as costly as their higher education alternatives. With tuition often reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars for a complete cosmetology education, it’s understandable that many students, particularly those with limited financing, are forced to use loans and parental funding for tuition.

There’s also the cost of housing yourself during your full-time study period – another cost that, in the center of many cities, can become fairly significant. There’s the cost of purchasing equipment, textbooks, and other learning materials. There’s the cost of food, the cost of extra tutoring, and the cost of ensuring that you’re able to complete your courses in a timely and efficient manner.

For this reason, many cosmetology school students choose to use loans to finance their educations in cosmetology. It’s understandable, as many lenders – both public and private – offer specific loans for this purpose. From Federal funding to private student loans from banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, there are many ways to finance your cosmetology school career through loans.

But just as universities and leading colleges have scholarship programs, cosmetology schools have a number of grants and scholarships available for talented, hard-working students. These include a range of smaller scholarships designed to cover the cost of living expenses, and even full-coverage scholarships, which include financial support for all of the burdens related to cosmetology school.

Let’s take a look at a few select cosmetology school grants, and look at why they’re so valuable for students. One of the most well-known forms of cosmetology school assistance is through a simple attendance grant. Surprisingly, many cosmetology schools reward students financially for constant and regular attendance, often in the form of credits towards their tuition costs or housing expenses.

Other cosmetology schools offer relatively similar grants, albeit with the backing of commercial sponsors and supporters. These include makeup manufacturers and accessory companies, many of which pay to place their products within the cosmetology school for people to use. This is a simple and effective method for helping both companies and students, the latter through financial support.

Then there’s financial scholarships backed by either the pursuit of a specific cosmetology skill, or the promise of eventual employment with any one company. One of the most well-known of these is offered by Toyota to American cosmetology school students. It requires that students pursue an advanced skincare qualification, often with medical or scientific intentions behind it.

These grants are often offered only with the acceptance of a brief employment period at the grant’s company, following your education. While Toyota’s example doesn’t require this, many do. For the most part, it’s a brief internship or period of employment. With positions fairly hard to come by, it’s something that many students should consider, both for its short and long-term benefits.

Finally, many scholarships are offered by outside parties, either those that went to cosmetology school themselves and went on to perform a successful business, or grants provided by private, student-based financial assistance associations. In many cases, college funds and other types of investment can be used to pay for cosmetology school, although some may not qualify.

It’s important to remember that despite the title of cosmetology school, most cosmetology schools also offer advanced courses in hairdressing and other disciplines. As such, by pursuing a different mean of study, you may be able to secure additional financing. Focus on something that the other students ignore, and you’ll find yourself having less trouble qualifying for grants and scholarships.

Beyond this, if you are in financial hardship, or your family is unable to assist you in covering the cost of your education, it may be worth looking into a financial support program or similar type of assistance. Many of these are offered directly by cosmetology schools, although some only offer a grant or scholarship to those with both a history of interest in cosmetology and strong grades.

While these aren’t all of the different cosmetology school funding options, they’re several of the key types of non-loan funding that many cosmetology students use. If you’re exposed to a different type of grant or opportunity, go for it – these types of assistance are worth pursuing.

Whether you’re just considering cosmetology school or you’re dead set on pursuing a career in the world of makeup and skincare, searching for grants and financial support is a good idea. Not only will it cut down on your tuition costs, it’ll free up time while you’re in school, allowing you to keep focused on your academic goals, your hobbies, and your life.

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