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Engineering Grants for College Students

Now that technology is taking a larger part of the world’s operations and people’s lives, the number of mechanical, electrical and computer engineers in the world is on the rise. Generally, engineering is considered a very secure field to venture into with lots of opportunities for everyone. Perhaps that is the key reason why many college students choose to enroll for engineering programs. Whereas some of these programs are costly, students can reduce the cost marginally through engineering grants.

Engineering grants for college students are, more often than not, awarded to students on the basis of merit and financial need. In both cases, the student must meet a set GPA in order to qualify. Those who usually come top in their class will find it easier to secure this funding for their research or undergraduate study. Also, some grants are awarded to specific divisions under the engineering docket and thus students can take advantage of their major to get the additional funding.

There are also some national programs, for instance, the National Smart Grant program that gives out grants to students taking courses in mathematics, science and technology. The students must first exhibit the need for financial assistance and have a high GPA in order to be eligible for the grants. Since women and other minorities have only recently ventured into engineering, there are a number of corporations doing their part in encouraging students in these groups to pursue rewarding programs in this field. Such corporations, like Google and IBM, are offering scholarships to the students to ensure that they become successful in life.

The Academic Competitiveness Grant is also available for sophomores and freshman students who are academically talented and rank among the top students in the United States. The maximum amount usually given to undergraduates for their first year is $750, whilst the second year students get $1300. Students must have completed the rigorous high school program to qualify. Also, the second year students must have a GPA of at least 3.0.

There are also other numerous grant programs available to engineering college students. For example, the military and other private organizations under the engineering field, like the American Society of Engineering Education, offer grants to both undergraduate and graduate students. The qualifications are the same; a good GPA and an evidence of financial need. Ideally, these organizations are basically grooming the students for possible positions within their chosen field.

When seeking the grant, first the students must meet the qualifications based on academic performance and financial need. However, not all students qualify for the same amount due to certain factors. These factors can differ between the different grant authorities. The amount awarded is usually based on the student’s family size, price of course attendance, full or part time status, and the family’s financial status as well. The financially needy students can get up to $4,000 for their academic expenses. Some grants may be lower than that depending on the individual granter.

Normally, the type of college in which the students enroll does not determine the amount of grant. Almost all schools are eligible for the financing, the only difference maybe on the specific divisions of engineering that each offers. Some divisions may get more, depending on certain factors. All students who think they are eligible for the Pell Grant can apply by filling the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms. These forms are available at state and community agencies, colleges, vocational schools, universities and online. After submission, it is only a matter of time before a confirmation is sent to the applicant.

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