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Dance Scholarships

Funding programs and financial resources provided by the government and private organizations offer financial assistance for students of many different areas of studies. There are scholarships, grants, student loans and government loans that students can use to finance their educational goals. Among these resources, scholarships are the most sought after assistance that is made available. The reason why most students apply for scholarships is because they are not required to be paid back. The money given to the student will be free money, unlike government and private student loans. Scholarships are made for a wide variety of studies and needs of different students.

Attending dance school can be quite expensive, especially if the school is considered a prestigious school. Dance scholarships are available to students who are studying and majoring in dance. Unlike other traditional majors, finding a scholarship for dance school is more difficult. Dance is considered an art, and finding scholarships designed for the area of arts is a challenge for most students. Luckily, there are some dance scholarships that dance students can apply for. Most of the work the student will face is finding dance scholarships, but the internet has made this process a lot less painful for the student.

Dance scholarships are made for any type of dance school that the student will attend. In other words, the style of dance will not be a deciding factor with whether or not a student will receive a dance scholarship. Those who are competing in dance competitions and those who would like to pursue a career in the field of dancing are advised to seek out dance scholarships. On the internet alone there are plenty of organizations that provide dance scholarships to students interested in a dance career. One popular dance scholarship is called the Contemporary Representational Art Scholarship.

Contemporary Representational Art Scholarships are used by dance students all over the country. Students have until July 15th of every year to apply for this scholarship for their dancing career. Students who are currently moving forward with earning their BFA Degree or certificate in dancing are advised to apply for this dance scholarship. Like all other types of scholarships, the Contemporary Representational Art Scholarship requires the student to write a 500 word essay. The essay is submitted to the board or administration office for review. Another type of scholarship that accommodates students who are interested in dancing is the FRIENDS Performing Arts Scholarship.

FRIENDS Performing Arts Scholarships have a deadline of January 15th of every year when it comes to applying for this type of scholarship. A wide variety of students involved in the arts department like teachers, therapists and dancers are advised to apply for this type of scholarship. This scholarship was first created in 1999, and many students in a wide variety of art degrees have successfully been rewarded the FRIENDS Performing Arts Scholarship. Students majoring in classes like instrumental music, drama and other art majors will qualify for this scholarship. Another type of dance scholarship is the Furman University Art Scholarship.

The Furman University Art Scholarship program is used by dance students who have qualified for this scholarship reward. In order to apply for this scholarship, students involved in dance are required to submit a portfolio of their dance background. This dance scholarship is considered competitive, since the organization compares portfolios in order to determine who to reward the scholarship to. Another scholarship that is used by dance students is the George Snow Scholarship Fund. This dance scholarship is also considered competitive as well. There are plenty of scholarships and dance scholarships that students can apply for online.

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